Construction Real Estate Development





Complete overall administration and management of construction, expansion, renovations, and alterations of real property. Including contractor identification, bidding and procurement, contract negotiations, quality control and monitoring, payment administration, document administration, claims representation and negotiations, project closeout and general oversight of contract performance.

Included Services

Pro-Ject International has a wide variety or options and all-encompassing services for Construction Real Estate Development. Below are the major offerings of our service set. Clicking on the ‘View Service Details’ link will reveal the unique points of each service.

Construction Procurement
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Identification of qualified contractors for consideration for bidding construction project.

  • Interview candidate contractors and review of technical and financial capabilities, staff qualifications, workload and availability.
  • Management of all communications with contractors during bidding process.
  • Review and evaluation of contractor for bids, analysis of bid qualifications, alternates and agenda, and recommendation to the client.
Quality Control
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Periodic/full time observation and inspection of the progress of construction activities to evaluate the proper execution of the scope of the contract documents.

  • Inspection reports, notices, and coordination and review of materials testing, design team inspections, etc.
Construction Documentation Administration
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Review, evaluation, and administration of all project documents.

  • Review and approval of Notice to Owners, Lien Waivers, Change Ordres, CCD’s, RFI’s, RFQ’s, Inspection Reports, and the correspondence between the Owner and the project team, and between members of the project team.

Project documentation reporting achieved through submittal of periodic Project Status Reports that summarize status of cost, schedule, and issues pending resolution.

Payment Administration
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Examination of the contractor’s applications for payments, verification of the progress of the work in place and stored materials, and retainage withheld.

Analysis of the completeness and accuracy of the payment applications and coordination of the process of the timely payment of applications.

Construction Claims Administration
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Analysis and evaluation of Contractor Claims, request for Change Orders, cost and time adjustments to the contract.

  • Recommendations regarding the validity of the claims, and explanation of alternative prerogatives and ramifications for owner response and action.
Recovery Strategies
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Evaluation of existing project cost and schedule overruns.

  • Alternative recovery strategies for preserving, restoring or mitigating the project objectives.
  • Recovery Schedules and Cost Savings Alternatives for consideration by the Owner.
Plans and Specification Reviews
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Assessment of progress plans and specifications for quality check and redline comments that illustrate the deviations from the program objectives.

Plans review reporting with comments and redline drawings submitted to the design team for corrections or modifications.

Code Assesment Evaluations
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Review progress plans and specifications in regard to compliance of the design to applicable codes and regulations.

Constructability Reviews
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Appraisal of the progress level design details in an effort to evaluate the availability of these materials and construction systems and the ease of assembly of these systems into the project plans.

Construction Claims Negotiations
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Services include conducting negotiations with contractors for the expeditious, fair and equitable resolution to contractor’s claims.

Value Engineering Evaluations
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Analytical review of plans and specifications to identify alternative systems and specifications that can present cost savings to the project budget.


Other Services Offered

Can’t find what you are looking for above? We offer a series of other services tailored to your company's specific set of needs. Check out the major categories of services we also excel in. Clicking on the picture or title will take you directly to the services detail pages.

Real Estate Consulting

Consulting services dealing with all aspects of acquiring assessing, planning, developing, constructing, and operating real estate investment property.
Needs Assessment Study
Facility Evaluations
Environmental Compliance Studies
Lease Negotiation Support
20 Other Services

Owner's Representation

The overall planning and administration of the entire real estate development project from cradle to grave throughout the life cycle of the development process.
Construction Estimates
Facility Planning
Government Approvals
Development Schedules
6 Other Services

Litigation Support

Legal support services including the preparation of various studies including identification of governmental approval requirements and expert witness testimony.
Replacement Cost Analysis
Expert Witness Testimony
Real Estate Valuations
Construction Litigation
2 Other Services