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Pro-Ject International
Project Experience

Founded in 1994, Pro-Ject International has been an outstanding full-service real estate development and consulting corporation serving property owners, investors, corporate users, lenders, government agencies, and other professionals in the industry.

Pro-Ject International’s primary purpose is to create and enhance value, to deliver project objectives, and exceed targeted investment returns. We accomplish this through the application of capital resources together with entrepreneurial skills, in response to market conditions that exist within the industries we serve.

Our expertise lies in creating and enhancing value as we consistently deliver or exceed the objectives of our investment partners and clients, while managing and mitigating the investment risk through the utilization of proven internal management systems and practices.

Our core team consists of skilled and experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in contracts, design, construction, governmental approvals, land use, project management, development, marketing, financial management, property asset management, as well as technical and clerical support personnel.

Industry Experts

Skilled and experienced professionals who can effectively identify and assemble the best match of talent-to-task to meet all objectives.

Turn-Key Development

Providing a full-scale and seamless array of all technical and financial elements involved from start to completion, without the need for owner involvement.

Great Leadership

Providing leadership and management of the groups of professionals throughout the overall process.

Precise Calculations

Great discipline is applied in the objective analysis and execution of carefully conceived development strategies for each project launched.

Proven Results

Continually reintermediate integrated processes through technically sound intellectual capital.

Done on Time

Pinpointing the specific objectives of each project or assignment the lend to a smooth workflow and optimal process of completion.

Where We've
Succeeded So Far

“In the past 25 years, we have become an industry leader in providing innovative real estate development solutions and top-quality real estate advisory services.”
-Eric Müller, President & CEO

Historically, Pro-Ject International has participated in a wide range of development projects including:

  • Mixed-Use Corporate Business Parks
  • Commercial Office
  • Retail Centers
  • Early Childhood Education Centers
  • Manufacturing and Light Industrial
  • Business Service Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Religious Facilities
  • Residential Developments

Given the variety of real estate consulting activities, Pro-Ject International has gained extensive experience in each of these types of projects and applies the best practices of each to every new assignment undertaken.

Pro-Ject International creates value through the provision of completely independent, objective, timely, and all-encompassing professional services for all types of facilities, throughout the multiple phases of project delivery.

Special emphasis is placed on delivering the optimal solution, and effectively forecasting and administrating the execution of strategy, cost, and schedule.

Great discipline is applied in the objective analysis and execution of carefully conceived development strategies for each project launched. Great discipline is applied in the objective analysis and execution of carefully conceived development strategies for each project launched.

Over the past 24 years, Pro-Ject International has successfully developed over 4.4 million square feet of commercial real estate in the Tampa Bay area. Pro-Ject International’s depth of resources and local experience has consistently delivered superior returns and high-quality projects for its partners and clients.

In recent years, Pro-Ject International has gained extensive experience in preschool development by developing three separate TLE Centers within three different central Florida submarkets – Heathrow/Lake Mary, Fishhawk Ranch, and Bloomingdale/Brandon Florida. Each of these projects have provided Pro-Ject International invaluable direct experience in all aspects of delivering these types of real estate developments.


Our Portfolio
of Projects

We have proven time after time that we develop and deliver full turn-key projects in all sectors, including commercial offices, educational and media centers, industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities, business parks, healthcare and shopping centers, retail, and residential projects.


In-Progress Projects

Check out our current projects that are currently in development.


Business Parks

Complex, large scale business parks present many obstacles. Check out the ones we have hit out of the park.


Commercial Centers

We have developed a wide range of office projects, ranging in scale, scope, size and design.


Educational Centers

With an emphasis on improving education for our children, we have developed educational centers for ourselves and our partners.


Healthcare Centers

For our partners and our clients, we have developed top-notch healthcare facilities.


Industrial, Manufacturing, & Warehousing

We have helped many clients and partners develop industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities.


Media Centers

Partnering with media companies, we have helped deliver state of the art media centers.



We have experience in delivering top-quality residential developments for our partners and ourselves.


Retail, Shopping Centers, & Commercial

Retail is an ever-evolving industry. For ourselves and our partners, we work with the best talent to deliver cutting edge retail developments.

Real Estate Development Consulting Services

Real Estate Development
Consulting Services


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