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The overall planning and administration of the entire real estate development project from cradle to grave throughout the life cycle of the development process.


Included Services

Pro-Ject International has a wide variety or options and all-encompassing services for Construction Real Estate Development. Below are the major offerings of our service set. Clicking on the ‘View Service Details’ link will reveal the unique points of each service.

Facility Planning
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  • Analysis of the client’s short and long term objectives for new development, expansion, renovation or contraction of facility operation requirements.
  • Quantifying the facility functional objectives and considerations.
  • Developing alternative strategies for the planning and implementation of objectives.
Development Budgets
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Total Overall Development Cost associated with the site selection, due diligence, land acquisition, design, approvals, finance, construction and development of real property.

  • Preparation of budgets relies on the level of information procured through other investigations performed in advance.
Construction Estimates
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Conceptual Estimates of Probable Cost through the Detailed Construction Estimates derived by quantity survey and cost estimating of proposed construction improvements.

  • Level of detail of estimates relies on the degree of definition of scope of work, and design documents available for the subject project.
Economic Feasibility Monitoring
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Up to date comprehensive and detailed financial modeling of the overall economics of the actual income/expense of the real estate development.

  • Continuous updating of costs incurred and re-forecasting the completion of the site and building construction cost, design, financing, interest, and all other hard cost and soft cost anticipated for the development of the project.
  • On-going update and examination of project income and timing revenues and expenses to forecast financial performance of the investment.
Development Schedules
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Identification of all tasks and activities necessary for the overall development process

  • Choreograph all activities in a CPM Overall Development Schedule indicating task and durations, and the respective interrelationships between the activities required for development, beginning with predevelopment studies and assessments through to site identification, evaluation, acquisition, design, approvals, finance, and all construction activities.
Construction Schedules
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Detailed construction schedules for new construction, expansion renovations, and alteration projects.

Identification of tasks and activities reflected within the scope of work and the preparation of CPM schedules, resourse allocation strategies.

Activity/task interrelationships, and phasing strategies.

Design Procurement Services
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Investigation of available design firms that best meet the overall objectives of the project.

  • Interviews with candidate firms.
  • Outline the scope of services and performance criteria for the design services required for the project.
  • Request for proposals, proposal review, evaluations, and vendor contract negotiation for the design services.
Design Coordination Services
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Management, coordination and administration of the design activities of the project Architects, Engineers, and other special design consultants conducting the preparation of the project design, and design documentation.

Including the periodic review of the design documents to ensure they they conform to the stated Program objectives, and to monitor the progress of the design effort to meet the design schedule deadlines.

Government Approvals
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Identification of governmental regulations having jurisdiction over the proposed project.

  • Coordination and administration of the submittals, agency meetings and negotiations for governmental approvals such as land use modifications, rezoning, permitting, and licensure requirements for proposed real estate development and/or construction.
Construction Finance Procurement
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Assistance to Owners/Borrowers in the negotiation and securing construction finance agreements.

  • Compilation and preparation of construction loan documentation required by lenders.
  • Analysis and recommendation reporting of loan financial terms and conditions.

Other Services Offered

Can’t find what you are looking for above? We offer a series of other services tailored to your company's specific set of needs. Check out the major categories of services we also excel in. Clicking on the picture or title will take you directly to the services detail pages.

Real Estate Consulting

Consulting services dealing with all aspects of acquiring, assessing, planning, developing, constructing, and operating real estate investment property.
Needs Assessment Study
Facility Evaluations
Environmental Compliance Studies
Lease Negotiation Support
20 Other Services

Real Estate Development

Complete overall administration and management of construction, expansion, renovations, alterations, quality control and monitoring of real property.
Construction Procurement
Quality Control
Payment Administration
Code Assessment Evaluations
6 Other Services

Litigation Support

Legal support services including the preparation of various studies including identification of governmental approval requirements and expert witness testimony.
Replacement Cost Analysis
Expert Witness Testimony
Real Estate Valuations
Construction Litigation
2 Other Services