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Consulting services dealing with all aspects of acquiring, assessing, planning, developing, constructing, and operating real estate investment property.

Included Services

Pro-Ject International has a wide variety or options and all-encompassing services for Construction Real Estate Development. Below are the major offerings of our service set. Clicking on the ‘View Service Details’ link will reveal the unique points of each service.

Needs Assessment Study
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Collection of data describing the user’s needs and objectives.

  • Desired location criteria, overall physical space requirements, required parking, security, hours of operation, electrical and mechanical systems, economic objectives, occupancy schedule objectives, land area requirements as well as the qualitative/quantitative characteristics of the project are determined.

Evaluation and organization of such data into a format that can guide the site selection, site assessment, and design and construction objectives for the project.

Space Planning and Programming
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Identification of all the quantitative and qualitative objectives for the project.

  • Interviews with the user’s key personnel to identify the specific detailed space area requirements, the functional needs of each of the departments or segments of the user’s facility, and the operational adjacencies that are critical to the best design solution.
  • Assessment of the level of finishes, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection requirements of each space.
  • Identification of the geographic preferences for the location of the project, the density objectives, access requirements, parking requirements other site storage and circulation requirements, and the project cost and schedule objectives.
Land Utilization Studies
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After completing the Needs Assessments, and Programming Studies, analysis of the target land area requirements for proposed new development/facility expansion is undertaken.

The application of desired building area requirements, parking requirements, density objectives, FAR limitations, height restrictions, property setbacks, open space requirements, and other anticipated restraints, in order to determine the required property size for the conduction of site searches and selection process.

Site Assessment Studies
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Assessment ad evaluation, in greater detail, of the specific existing property conditions that influence the development opportunities as well as the restraints of the property. Studies Include:

  • Evaluation of required governmental approvals, off site infrastructure required, existing soil characteristics, environmental considerations, property surveys, existing land use/zoning, applicable regulation governing development, existing site drainage conditions, legal encroachments, and any other issues influencing the development feasibility of the property.

The property is analyzed for its suitability for the proposed development, and tested for its responsiveness to meet the project objectives.

Facility Evaluations
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Inspection and examination of physical facility conditions for the evaluation of making facility improvements, or renovations, or for preventative maintenance alternatives to preserve or restore facilities for re-use or adaptive reutilization, or disposition of property.

Phasing Strategies
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Evaluation of multi-phase projects to analyze variable alternative approaches for the execution of planning. Studies include:

  • Identification of the pros and cons for each alternative, the applicable cost ramifications, timing, and overlapping activities anticipated throughout the different phasing approaches.
Economic Feasibility Studies
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These studies range in scope from preliminary conceptual estimates, to comprehensive detailed financial modeling of the overall economics of the income/expense pro-forma’s for proposed real estate development. Including:

  • Estimates for the acquisition cost of the land, site and building construction cost, design and approval expenses, financing, interest, and all other hard cost and soft cost anticipated for the development of the project.
  • Examination of the projected income for the project and timing of revenues and expenses to forecast financial performance of the investment.
Design Build
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Turnkey delivery of project design and construction services for new facility construction, expansions, alterations and renovations to real property.

Infrastructure Planning
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Planning, budgeting, design and construction administration of new on-site and off-site infrastructure improvements.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities
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Turnkey design and construction of micro-aeration wastewater treatment facilities.

Disaster Management
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Immediate response to the occurrence of a disaster that creates damage and destruction to private and public facilities.

Training and Professional Development
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Onsite or offsite training of client personnel in the techniques for advance project management and, or any other services described herein.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence Investigations
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Preliminary physical field examination of existing buildings and properties to assess the existing conditions that can influence the terms and conditions of a purchase and sale of real properties.

  • Structural reviews, examinations of the condition of existing improvements, reviews of available historical design documents, mechanical, electrical systems, exterior building systems, sitework, paving, landscaping, site drainage and utilities, roofing and other major building systems components.
  • Preliminary cost estimates for the existing facility deficiencies discovered.
Site Selection Studies
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Preliminary studies comparing multiple candidate parcels to the Project Program Objectives.

  • Evaluation of size, location, access, area roadway facilities, site geometry, permitted land uses, zoning requirements, apparent environmental conditions, available infrastructure, existing site topography, surrounding neighborhood development, and relative comparative acquisition cost as well as anticipated cost of proposed development.
Acquisition Budgets
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Preparation of overall budgets for the acquisition of either improved or vacant property.

  • All legal, survey, environmental testing, due diligence and transaction cost as well as finance expenses for property acquisition.
Property Disposition Evaluations
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Evaluation of existing real estate assets to determine the existing overall conditions and to make recommendations for repairs and renovations to enhance the marketability or ‘Fair Market Value’ of a real property for disposition.

  • Preliminary cost estimates for the recommended building repairs and renovations.
Market Studies
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Investigation of the site market area to determine the total comparative product available, the vacancies or available sites, the annual absorption, major users and other trends existing or evolving throughout the market area.

Adaptive Re-Use Studies
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Evaluation of existing conditions to assess the opportunities to redevelop an improved property, and enhance the value of the asset through the adaptive re-use of the existing facility into an alternative function.

Highest and Best Use Analysis
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Evaluation to determine highest and best use of the property for development.

  • Review of underlying conditions that present limitations and opportunities for future development.
  • Examination of demand for various uses in the market, and testing the viability to satisfy demand.
  • Projection of overall investment capital and debt requirements to deliver various development alternatives.
  • Investment modeling of projected economic performance of the proposed alternatives on a Net Present Value discounted cash flow basis.
Environmental Compliance Studies
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Evaluation of a property’s governing environmental regulations and existing site conditions, including reporting on the compliance status of the property.

  • Establish a strategic plan for various alternatives to bring the subject property under compliance.
  • The studies may include the filing of required documentation additional environmental testing, and or remediation of property to satisfy the compliance issues assessed.
Lease Value Evaluation
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Financial evaluation of the terms and conditions of proposed lease agreements.

Preparation of discounted cash flow financial model and analysis of Base Rent, Additional Rent, Operating Expenses, Tenant Improvement Expenses, Concessions, Moving Expenses, and all other considerations influencing the economics of the lease alternatives on a Net Present Value Basis.

Recommendation Report explaining the pros and cons of each candidate lease.

Lease Negotiation Support
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Professional assistance to the Attorneys and Tenant Representatives in the preparation and negotiations of suitable language to be included with the lease transaction documents.

Special focus is applied to developing Work Letter and Tenant Improvement requirements and other performance obligations required by the Landlord.

Property Management Support
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As owner/developer, administration and management of operating and maintaining improved or unimproved real estate assets.

  • Research and development of operating budgets for the properties.
  • Procurement and oversight of property maintenance operations and vendor services.
Investment Risk Analysis
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A series of progressive technical and economic due diligence support services, which lead to the critical assessment and validation of the real property, the improvements as well as the economic and market performance.

  • Phase 1: Site Assessment
  • Phase 2: Expanded Assessment
  • Phase 3: Intervention Recommendation

The application of our solid asset management skills combined with experience in managing distressed properties, provides our clients with distinctive competence in the ability to determine appropriate solution strategies to defend, recover, and enhance value.


Other Services Offered

Can’t find what you are looking for above? We offer a series of other services tailored to your company's specific set of needs. Check out the major categories of services we also excel in. Clicking on the picture or title will take you directly to the services detail pages.

Owner's Representation

Consulting services dealing with all aspects of acquiring, assessing, planning, developing, constructing, and operating real estate investment property.
Construction Estimates
Facility Planning
Governmental Approvals
Development Schedules
6 Other Services

Real Estate Development

Complete overall administration and management of construction, expansion, renovations, alterations, quality control and monitoring of real property.
Construction Procurement
Quality Control
Payment Administration
Code Assessment Evaluations
6 Other Services

Litigation Support

Legal support services including the preparation of various studies including identification of governmental approval requirements and expert witness testimony.
Replacement Cost Analysis
Expert Witness Testimony
Real Estate Valuations
Construction Litigation
2 Other Services